Crossbar Information

Managing Your Crossbar Account

Creating your account

1.     Click on the Sign Up that is located in the upper left corner of the site.

2.     Enter your email address and create a password.

3.     A link will be sent to the email address to verify your account. 

4.     Log into your Crossbar account and continue to fill out your profile.

Adding Your Participant(s)

Once you complete your account setup, you will be asked to add a Participant to your account.

1.     Log into your Account and choose “Account”

2.     On the Participants tab of the Account menu, select “Add Participant”

3.     Select Add Participant

4.     Complete Player Profile (name, birthday)

Add an Account to a Participant

Additional parents and family members can be added to a players account. This must be completed by a user that already has access to the participant.

1.     Log into Tomahawk Hockey Association (must log in on the website, not mobile app).

2.     Click on the profile of the participant you would like to add a family member too.

3.     Click Account in the top navigation and click Participants (if accessing from a mobile device click the arrow down).

4.     Click ‘View Details’ on the participant.

5.     When on the player profile, click Add Account at the top.

6.     Enter the additional email addresses. If the user already has an account they will be added immediately, if not they will be sent a verification email. They must verify their email and create an account before being added to the participant.

Receiving Emails

Set up email notifications

1.     Log into your Tomahawk Hockey Association account.

2.     From the left navigation options, select Notifications (drop down arrow if on mobile device).

3.     Under ‘Email Notifications’ select which notifications you would like to receive.

4.     Click Update Notification Settings. 

If you are not receiving emails from team managers, coaches, organization follow the steps to ensure your notifications are set correctly to resolve this issue.

1.     Check your profile settings to ensure they are set to receive emails from your organization.

2.     Check your SPAM folder.

3.     If it is not in your SPAM folder log into Tomahawk Hockey Association website. The spam folder doesn’t always sync to other apps including Apple Mail or Android email apps.

4.     If you have updated your email, you MUST follow the instructions in the verification email to verify the new email. You will NOT receive any emails until it is verified. 

5.     Be sure to have and in your email contacts.

Update Payment Information

(must have future scheduled payments on your account)

1.     Log into Tomahawk Hockey Association.

2.     Click Account in the top-left of the page or drop down on mobile.

3.     Click the player whose payment information needs to be updated.

4.     Go to ‘Registration History’ section and click ‘View Details.’

5.     Where is says ‘Registration History’ click on ‘View Details’ for the registration that needs to be updated

6.     In the payment method column, click Edit link. If the Edit link does not appear that means the payment has already been charged or cancelled.

7.     Update the information on your card and select the payments you to update.

8.     Save the form.

Family Calendar

Crossbar will sync your players team schedule to your personal calendars to keep everyone informed!

1.     Log into Tomahawk Hockey Association from your personal device.

2.     Click on Family Calendar at the top-left of the site and you should see the full calendar of events for your participant/teams. On the top-right of the screen download Calendar Feed.

3.     Once you select Calendar Feed it will bring you to a menu, where you can follow instructions to ensure you download the Family Calendar to your preferred calendar (Google, Apple, Outlook).

Multiple Player Calendars

1.     Add account on Crossbar that just has access to each player.

2.     Add email address of the player to the site.

3.     Player can then log into the site with their email and sync their family calendar.

Mobile App

All registered Crossbar users will have access to the Crossbar mobile application on both iOS and Android. 

If you do not see your Skater’s team

When you log into the mobile app, click on the menu button and then Teams, where you will be presented with a list of active teams associated with your account. 

If you are missing teams from your list in the app, your account is likely not associated with the team. To verify you account please follow the proceeding steps:

1.     Log into Tomahawk Hockey Association using the same email address.

2.     Click Account in the top navigation.

3.     Click Participants on the left navigation (Click the down arrow if on mobile device)

a.     If your player does not come up, they you need to request access to the player from the user who registered the player.

4.     If your player comes up, click View Details.

5.     When on the player profile, go down to Teams.

If the team is NOT listed, it could mean:

1.     The player has not been rostered on the team.

2.     The user that registered the player has added a new instance of the player to their account. You must then request access to the new player. 

If your team is listed but not showing up in the application, it most likely means the organization has the season configured to end prior to today’s date. Please contact the Tomahawk Hockey Association Board to verify the end date of your team’s season. 

Any questions please contact:

Katie Michalski


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